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Our Pet



- Gonzalo Espinosa (Chef of Onions): He was born in Pennsylvania on April 16, 1980. He has been an orphan since he was 3, but he could survive alone. Eating what he hunted, he grew up in the shadows. But at 16, he went to cooking classes and he learned the culinary art. Since then, we call him "the chef". He's got such a good voice because of his onion diet. Thanks of his spiritual sensitivity, he's able to contact with dead people through his voice.In 2000, he met Kolo and Bachs, and they created the band, Dark Onions.
He has been chosen by the fans as their favorite because of his beauty. And he is also the lord's favorite, because of for his voice.

- Ricardo colomer “kolo”: He was born in suburbia the 1/1/1983. When he was young, he used to live in the streets because his parents were all the day in the casino. His family didn’t have money, so he had to learn to play the guitar. He was all the day in the streets playing the guitar to earn money. One day, when he was playing the guitar, he met Bachs and Chef.
Later they created the Dark Onions, and nowadays they are very famous in all arround the world.
- Aleix Bachs (Majestic Bachs): Harrisburg 6 of June 1982. He is the drummer and the keyboarder. He has an unknown origin. There are some theories about it.
Some people said that he was born in a circus where he had a difficult childhood, which would explain his name, his innate ability for the keyboard and his sporadic depressions.
Another possible theory said that he was born in a car factory; he was supposed to be the son of a woman that works there that had been violated by her boss. She hidden him inside one of the machines and forgot about him. He survived stealing the works food of the works. The noise of the machines inspired him as a drummer. This theory would explain his ability for the drums and his schizophrenia.
Finally a small group of fans are convinced said that he just appeared from nothing.
In 2000 The Chef find him inside a dustcart absolutely drunk, later they met Kolo and they create Dark Onions, now recognized around the world.
He doesn’t speak any known language, he just say some things in a strange dialect of Swahili. He is so aggressive.

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-Pennsylvania tour (2001). This was their 1rst tour, 10 concerts around Pennsylvania State. They sang the songs of their first album “Evil Vegetables”
-USA and Canada Tours (2006). The second tour had a lot of success. Three hundred thousand fans of the entire world were counted at the tour. They recollected 10 million dollars of the donations of the fans. They played songs of their last album “Heaven’s burning” and some of their first.
-European tour (2011). The next tour of Dark Onions is going to be all around Europe. Dark Onion's going to offer the biggest tour they have done. They will be playing all over Europe. Eleven countries are going to receive the band in their cities. There have been a lot of complaints of the religious people of those countries. The Pope of Rome has made a communicate advertising the Catholics about the band. The band is going to play songs of their last album and some new songs not known at the moment. The privileged cities that are going to receive the band are:
10/1/2011 – Greece, Atenas, Olympic Stadium of Atenas
6/2/2011 - Italy, Milan, Milan Fiera Arena
10/2/11 – Italy, Vatican City, Sistine Chapel
13/3/2011 - Germany, Munich, Olympic Stadium of Munich
16/3/2011 - Germany, Berlin, Wuhlheide
2/4/2011 - France, Paris, Omnisports de Bercy
23/4/2011 - Spain, Barcelona, Palau Sant Jordi
5/5/2011 - England, London, O2 Arena
19/5/2011 - Switzerland, Berna, Berna Arena
4/6/2011 - Austria, Nickelsdorf, Novarock
15/6/2011 - Sweden, Gothenburg, Metaltown Festival

All the concerts are at 00:00
Ticket: 0$


Dark Onions was created the night of the 29 of February 2000. The three Pennsylvanian guys were smoking onion joints when Satan appeared and told them to make a band. They didn’t have much money so they decided to sell the neighbours daughter to the death to pay the instruments. They started playing at graveyards but they were arrested for exhuming cadavers and making a lot of noise. They were also expelled from school when some nursery school girls committed suicide.  After these incidents they were sent to prison. They escaped two weeks after; some people say that a black Minotaur broke the wall of their cell.
After that accident they started their professional career. In few months they start to be famous and a big group of fans started to follow them at all the actuations. All the money that they earned comes from the donations of the fans. Some of the fans gave all their money to the band and later committed suicide. That explains the big fortune of the band.
They had made two albums: “Evil vegetables” on 2001 and “Heaven’s burning” on 2006. Their CD’s were never sold in shops because they were forbidden. The only chance that the fans had to get them is at the concerts.
The concerts are absolutely free; you just have to sign a paper giving your soul to Satan.
They started the concerts with a rite, where they sacrifice an onion.
(Some of the content of this information has never been verified.)